Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation techniques are central to everything BusyView designs and builds.

Although success within search engines largely depends on the number of inbound links from high quality websites, quality coding remains essential.  BusyView codes websites using the latest optimisation techniques. These change, regularly, because the algorithms search engine companies use change, regularly.

We are avid readers of the Google Webmaster Central Blog, the Bing Search Blog and the Yahoo Search Blog, so you don’t have to!

Can your URLs be too long?  What’s the ideal character length of a link? What effect did Panda have on your site February 2010 and Google Penguin in April 2012?  Is it possible to use too many keywords?  How many characters is ideal for an ALT tag?  Should I even bother producing meta tags any more?

BusyView works with clients to identify important keywords or search terms.  Tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool can be useful.  We understand the value of keywords.  We know where to use them.  We understand how to use them.  We leave nothing to chance.

And through the use of analytics, we consistently measure and amend our client’s websites.

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