Content Management

BusyView uses WordPress to develop powerful, content-management websites.    

It has many advantages:          

    – WordPress is open-source software, so doesn’t cost our clients a penny to obtain.

– BusyView will install WordPress on your servers or ours, free of charge.

– There are hundreds of thousands of quality plugins and features compatible with WordPress, meaning that when it comes to installing calendars, newsletter software and photo galleries, to name, just a few, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Someone has already developed this software for us to use – many of these plugins are free of charge.

– There are thousands of support documents and forums dedicated to supporting WordPress

– There are also thousands of other developers and design agencies skilled in using and deploying WordPress, so if you can envision a day when you might not be working with BusyView, then you will not be locked into a content management system only we know how to use.